Let's share the fun all together!

We have a selection of great activities in the Greenough and Geraldton Area, we have put together a selection of our favourite things to do both around the Nature Lodge and in the area nearby. 


We are situated 10 minutes from some of the most wonderful beaches in Western Australia.  Come relax, discover and take time to do the things you enjoy. 


Our workshops are for Creative Souls who want to learn how to put together wonderful functional wood art works.  Give us a call to find out more.

Play, Explore, Create

Creative Workshop

Would you like to get your creative juices going, Max can organise this for you in our workshop.  Discover how to create a take home piece, jamwood breadboard, sculpture or more

Greenough Nature Trail

Take a walk along the Greenough river only 5 mins from the house, see the pelicans, the birds and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset

Visit the Abrolhos Islands

Take a flight to the Abrolhos Island and explore these hidden gems of WA.  Snorkel in the turquoise waters, take a boat to visit the Bativia shipwreck site, learn about the crayfishing or just explore these natural islands.


Whether lying down, standing up or flying high, you'll appreciate the sensations.  Geraldton is famous for its winds and as a spot for kiting or surfing.  Try out some of the specatucalar spots near the lighthouse or coronation beach.  If you are a newbie we can organise a lesson.


Wellness Extras

Geraldton and Greenough are amazing places to come away to get away and honour your self care.  There are plenty of practicioners, coaches, yoga classes and massages to help you feel good.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can book it for you.  A private yoga class or a massage at the studio

Local Dining

Greenough has a lunch time restaurant at the hamlet, and the famous Hampton arms with there new 5star dining.  Geraldton itself has many different styles of cuisine including indian, thai, italian and of course the local crayfish.  Barnacles at the port is famous for its fish and chips.  We also have some rooftop bars and restaurants and dining overlooking the marina.  Ask us we can make some great suggestions

Other things to do in Greenough & Geraldton

Visit the Hamlet

The Historical village is a must see to take you back to how it all started in WA


The stars in WA are spectacular.  Arrange an evening under the stars

Olive Farm Visit

Pick your own olives and have a tour, find out how to do it and have a tasting

See WA Museum

The musuem is one of the best in WA full of the history of the region, the boat wrecks, nature and exhibitions

See Pink Lake

Drive through the countryside and see this spectacular Pink Lake.  Maybe make it a day and drive to Kalbarri Gorges

About Us


It all started back in 1990 when my love for woodwork went from a dream to reality and I built my very own rammed earth  Workshop.  From there the momemtum took me to building a house to fit in line with the natural environment where I could eventually offer a home away from home for likeminded people to come visit, stay, laugh and learn.

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