Our Story

Hi, I'm Max Royce and on behalf of my family and I, we are pleased to open our doors to you and to travelers from around the world. 


Back in 1990, I decided to transform my love for woodwork from a dream into reality! I built my very own rammed earth workshop and home in hopes of eventually offering a home away from home for likeminded people to come visit, stay, laugh and learn.  

Opening the nature lodge & workshop have been a great opportunity to showcase and share my work with those visiting the area. It's now my pleasure to offer creative workshops in order to help people learn how to make functional pieces.


Having grown up locally, I am happy to share my favourite spots and places in order to help you have the best experience during your time with us.


If you would like to experience life in a rural, natural setting, Greenough Nature Stay is a great space to take a break from city life, explore, clear your mind, and unwind in nature.

I look forward to meeting you,


Sharing, Laughing, Loving

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